4 options for LA Rams defensive end: Re-sign, Sign, Draft, or Promote Defensive End?

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The LA Rams have quite a few projected roster needs heading into the 2020 season. So let’s review the team options for Defensive End. Re-sign Brockers? Sign a free agent? Draft a prospect? Or Promote a backup player.

LA Rams defensive end Michael Brockers has been a fixture on the defensive end for the LA Rams for quite some time. He’s a bastion of the run defense and has been the senior statesman for the Rams defensive front. His contract is up in 2020, and many hope the Rams will re-sign Brockers.  But the player himself does not seem to harbor much optimism. In fact, he posted what appeared to be his farewell to the LA Rams fan already. So soon for so long. Was is prophetic, or premature?

The LA Rams have one of the marquis defensive linemen in the NFL in the form of All-Pro defensive tackle Aaron Donald. Donald is a bit of a versatile 3-4 defensive lineman, able to slide across the three-man front to wreak havoc on the offensive line from all angles.  Donald delivers on every defensive play, which astounds that he is the focus of so many double and triple teams on so many plays. Shouldn’t that much attention free up a teammate to have a clear shot at the ball carrier or event the quarterback?

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Defensive end Michael Brockers has delivered that, in part. Don’t take my word for it.  Aaron Donald himself, the brunt of double teams, is petitioning for Brockers return. Not only because they are familiar with one another. But Brockers has been one of the better defenders in the NFL against the run.

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And so, the LA Rams face the challenge or opportunity to pair up Donald with a more suitable teammate.