WR Cooper Kupp LA Rams NFL’s 2nd most proficient WR

While the LA Rams try to decide what to do about other receivers, Cooper Kupp continues to put up undeniable numbers per PFF

The LA Rams may have overpaid for the services of WR Brandin Cooks, but Cooper Kupp is well underpaid for the same reasons. At least, that is the logical conclusion with a recent PFF ranking of wide receivers over the past two seasons.  And that is a very good thing for the Rams in 2020. You might recall that Kupp’s 2018 season was ended prematurely by an ACL injury. That injury prevented him from helping the team out in the playoffs, and Super Bowl LIII.

Some sports analysts believe he would have helped the Rams to victory in that game.

Making up for his lost time from 2018, Kupp had a breakout season in 2019, leading the Rams in virtually all pass reception statistics through the season.  And in 2020? He’s in his contract year and will likely have an even better season next year.

There’s little to dislike about Kupp.  He’s a tall wide receiver with great hands, excellent routes, and can come down with the ball even with defenders nearby. All of which had endeared him to quarterback Jared Goff in 2017 and 2018.  With so much emphasis on the passing game in the Rams offense last season, it was even more appreciated in 2019.

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The curious aspect of the increased targeting of Kupp is how did he respond as defenses began to rotate better defensive backs on him?  Quite well it seems.

Fans have embraced the contribution of WR Robert Woods, a durable and consistent receiver for the Rams. And surprisingly, despite his steep drop in production and his fragility, many still strongly support WR Brandin Cooks, hugely overpaid contract and all. And that’s great for debate, and everyone has strong valid reasons for their opinions.

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Still, the support for Kupp is not what one might expect. Clearly he’s young, still playing on a rookie contract. But the speed at which he has risen to the top of the Rams receiving stats is fairly impressive, particularly so when you factor in his 2018 ACL setback.

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The Rams passing offense in 2020 runs through WR Cooper Kupp. The better he plays, the more success the Rams will experience all season long.  With Kupp in his contract year, and already playing among the NFL’s best receivers, that’s a pretty good player to park the team’s fortunes.  And with new offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell working with Goff this season, you can expect Goff to be taking more looks at Kupp as the season progresses.

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