LA Rams McVay rules no coaches to attend NFL Scouting Combine

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LA Rams NFL Combine
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NFL Scouting Combine schedule

The event is not one massive testing cycle, but rather is made up of four separate round-robin testing tracks.  Each of the four separate groups will follow the same schedule.  The only difference is that each group will start their routine on different days.


Day 1 – Registration  ~ Orientation ~ Interviews
Day 2 –  Measurements ~ Hospital pre-exam & X-rays ~ Interviews
Day 3 – Media ~ Medical Examinations ~ Position coach interviews ~  Psychological Testing
Day 4 – NFLPA Meeting ~ Bench press ~ Interviews ~  Psychological Testing
Day 5 –  Limited testing~ Interviews ~  On-field Workout
Day 6 –  Departure

Group one includes Tight Ends, Quarterbacks, and Wide Receivers and will arrive (Day 1) Sunday, February 23rd.
Group two includes Kickers, Special Team players, Offensive Linemen, and Running Backs and will arrive (Day 1) Monday, February 24th.
Group three includes Defensive linemen and Linebackers will arrive (Day 1) Tuesday, February 25th.
Group four includes defensive backs who will arrive (Day 1) Wednesday, February 26th.

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While the Rams will most likely focus on groups two and three, the team will have an eye on talent throughout the event. And now that the Rams will be leaving their coaching entourage behind, information about the Rams plans for this upcoming draft will be difficult to decipher.