LA Rams McVay rules no coaches to attend NFL Scouting Combine

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Data-driven draft decisions

The Rams make great use of data analytics in their assessment of the potential draft class. With the integration of data-driven draft decisions, the team no longer is dependant upon the optics of coaches and the personal relationships which abound at NFL gatherings of the NFL Scouting combine. Since the Rams have invested heavily in data analytics, it was only a matter of time before the team changed their attendance policy.

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Now with coaches remaining behind. limited to virtually attendee events, the staff will be forced to collaborate sooner on prioritizing prospects. That particularly important with a trio of new coordinators, each of whom has their own take on the Rams’ needs, and all of whom have different social circles among the NFL.

Adam Schefter believes Sean McVay’s decision to keep coaches home is the wave of the future.  In the Rams situation, I can’t decide if this is to promote cohesion and collaboration, or simply try to get ahead of heated differences of opinion about how the Rams should attack the 2020 NFL Draft.  In either case, the team has too few NFL Draft picks to put much of a dent in the needs of the new coordinators. All will walk away from the upcoming draft with items remaining on their respective shopping lists.

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Too little time, too few picks. Heading into the 2020 NFL Draft with so much riding on the team to find starters and contributors with each and every pick, there is a lot of pressure building. But that’s par for the LA Rams course nowadays, isn’t it? The stars shine on the darkest nights, and the LA Rams are looking for NFL stars in the 2020 NFL Draft.  Are coaches staying home for the right reasons? Perhaps that will be a debate for another time.