3 ways LA Rams CB Jalen Ramsey helps Rams sack totals

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LA Rams Jalen Ramsey
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Reason 3 – Blitz packages

A common way for most NFL defenses to apply pressure to the quarterback is to send additional defenders to rush the quarterback. That was not a staple of the LA Rams defense. Not that Wade Phillips did not like to rush the quarterback. It’s simply that the Rams pass defense needed to be fully staffed to be fully effective.  With Jalen Ramsey in the defensive backfield, the Rams will have more options.

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When fans think of blitzing the quarterback, the image of a linebacker is likely the first image to appear. Consequently, the opposing quarterback looks for linebackers creeping up to the line to get a jump on the play.

With Jalen Ramsey, the Rams will have other options for blitz packages.  Sending a safety through an A gap (either side of center) is a direct path to the quarterback and limits their time to find an open receiver.  Only a few corners can be counted on to defend a receiver without help over the top.  Yes, you guessed it. Jalen Ramsey is one of those corners.

A solid defense means more than a vanilla formation and counting on your team’s strengths to win the day.  In the NFL today, much of the skill is insight and intelligence.  Coaches must be able to place their players into winnable situations.

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As the Rams try to fill the void left by OLB Dante Fowler Jr., perhaps they simply need to add someone who can pressure the quarterback.  They’ll play alongside DT Aaron Donald, which will give them one defender to beat.  The Rams will simply need to make the quarterback hold the ball long enough for the pass rush to get there. And with a full season of Jalen Ramsey in the Rams defense, that becomes easier for everyone. And with Jalen Ramsey playing for his next contract, you can bet that the Rams will see his best.