Can the LA Rams survive without spending in 2020 NFL Free Agency?

(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) *** Local Capture *** Les Snead
(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) *** Local Capture *** Les Snead /
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LA Rams Les Snead
(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) *** Local Capture *** Les Snead /

The LA Rams face a mountainous climb to restock the team’s 2020 roster. Can the Rams compete without being active in the 2020 NFL Free Agency?

Since the end of the 2019 NFL football schedule, the LA Rams have wasted no time in setting the stage for sweeping organizational changes. The team came oh-so-close to landing in the NFL Playoffs in 2019. But oh-so-close simply means that the Rams did not make it. Their reward? Instead of picking among the top 10 in each round, the Rams choose at 20. So the team must learn to make do with having late-round picks in the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft.

Even still, the sky is not falling for the LA Rams. The team was still incredibly close in 2019. The team is loaded with very talented players on both offense and defense. Significant game-changing talent remains on the offense and defense. The Rams now need to decide how and who to build around those players.

While the Rams observed NCAA college football players compete in the East-West Shrine Game, the Senior Bowl, and the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine, the team did so knowing full well that the team has a limited number of picks available in the draft this season. Limited number, yes. But each pick in each round is critically important to the team. Critical to which area though?

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In January 2020, I was convinced that the Rams needed 3-4 offensive linemen in the 2020 NFL Draft. Now? I’m not even convinced that the team needs any. The Rams added four offensive linemen in 2019: David Edwards, Bobby Evans, Austin Corbett, and Coleman Shelton. Toss in Joseph Noteboom and Brian Allen returning to health from season-ending injuries in 2019, and suddenly the LA Rams are bursting with young talented players who the team thought enough to place on their 53 man roster.