LA Rams leaked logo sparks fandom mayhem

An image of an NFL draft hat that has the new Los Angeles Rams leaked logo has taken over Rams twitter, and they are not happy with it.

The LA Rams promised a new logo and team colors this year, and the timetable was to occur before the 2020 NFL Draft. Yesterday, an image of what does look like to be a Los Angeles NFL team new logo got leaked on social media.

New colors appeared in an NFL Draft hat. Yes, the Rams logo is among us. (I am speculating that the source was the Rams, but that is unconfirmed)

But it is being often confused by social media fans and, especially, LA Rams fans; and its easy to see why. It doesn’t identify a team properly, whether as the LA Chargers or LA Rams. And fans are getting mad.

In fair honesty and in a most personal manner, I think this logo does not push that belonging feeling to the Ramily. Yes, changes often adopt a design or color scheme, where the intent is to create a new version in order to attract new fans while making the current and old ones happy. It’s the redo to make merchandising sales easier.  But the latest, so you are not out of style.

Since moving to Los Angeles, Kroenke has been adamant to disconnect every root that leads fans to St. Louis and draw them to the new and improved (the second biggest market in America) LA Rams, to stop confusing the team’s true origins to what was a 20-year stint in another city, The twenty-year lapse that coincidentally interlays with the Rams most recent Super Bowl win, and that made many new fans while the Greatest Show on Turf lasted.

The Rams are changing a team identity and severing the ties with middle America. The goal is to redefine the team into a Los Angeles native team while keeping the older fans happy.  While that is a difficult task, it is not impossible. And it has been done several times with this team, let alone the entire NFL.

Time will tell…

The due day for new team colors and logo is coming, and the fan base as of today is not happy with this “new logo”.  The team has a bit riding on getting it right this year. The team will debut the opening of the $5 billion sports complex SoFi Stadium.  And the team is just one year removed from competing in the NFL Super Bowl.

The fans have been eager for news on the new designs throughout 2020. So eager that any bit of information released on social media ignites a firestorm of reaction. Even when that information is done in jest.

Editors update:  Reports released later in the day suggest that this is indeed the LA Rams 2020 logo. Some have commented that this initial prototype has neon-like colors which will be modified to the team’s 2020 palette.

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Either way, we will have to wait for the official reveal. Let’s hope Kevin Demoff and the Rams officials in charge of the design take note. It’s not too late to correct something that is not even official. Better deliver late, than deliver badly received new designs.

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