Is the new LA Rams logo for real? Or is it just a hoax?

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Has the official new LA Rams logo leaked onto social media? Or is this some elaborate hoax to build buzz for the real design?

In our latest article, we covered what appears to be the new and improved LA Rams logo.  Controversial is the best and most respectful adjective I can find to what the impression of it is among the Rams fandom. But, is that it? Is it set in stone or could they make a last-minute change? Was this a “test market” leak?

Keep in mind that LA Rams COO Kevin Demoff has been taunting fans through his personal Twitter profile.  That flirtatious manner has taken the shape of many misdirections over the new team logo and color scheme.  He has gone from liking sudden uniform mock-ups to changing his profile a couple of times.

One of the new uniform designs (an illustration of a ram in two tones of blue) was not well received by an eager community, waiting to learn the destiny of their beloved team new colors. Demoff changed his Twitter profile with an image of new artwork for a Ram, with a dark blue image against a light blue background.

Also, in Reddit and Twitter, there have been circulating rumors on the new color scheme and uniforms (with some mock-ups as well).

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A new team logo design and color scheme are incredibly vital to the team and franchise. The new design drives new merchandise sales. Merchandise sales drive the vitality of the team. So this is an important first step into the 2020 NFL season.