Is the new LA Rams logo for real? Or is it just a hoax?

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LA Rams logo
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The Waiting Game

So it seems that the leaks may be part of the official strategy. Slip a design to the public, poll the reaction, and use that feedback to modify the design.  It’s simply a give-and-take dialogue on one side, but a waiting game on the other.

Nevertheless, the waiting game will continue, and people will keep messing with our eager minds. From fans to the teams COO, the Rams actual quarterback Jared Goff and even former star and LAR’s legend Jim Everett will try to light up a spark, it is up to you to wait patiently or fall in the gam, that is actually really cool.

Based upon the reaction of fans to this recent leak, it’s back to the drawing board.  That could simply mean revising the color scheme, and that’s fine.  But it could mean some graphic changes to the image itself, and that will be a bit more problematic if production has already begun on merchandise.

Ben Albright, a respected NFL reported, indicated his source claims it’s the real 2020 LA Rams logo.

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But that’s the risk teams take with each reformulation, design, or color changes. And that’s why “leaks” occur. Better to circulate the concept, get fan feedback, and fix the concept before investing significant time and money into a dud.