Which is worse? LA Rams new logo, or LA Rams 2020 NFL Free Agency?

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The LA Rams are not scoring well so far in the 2020 NFL Free Agency market. But to add insult to injury, the new logo has captivated fans’ attention, and not in a good way

The LA Rams have retained four players and signed two new additions to the roster from the 2020 NFL Free Agency market. The team has allowed eight veteran players to leave as unrestricted free agents. One player retired. One player did not have his option year picked up by the Rams. And three players never received a qualifying tender offer. 13 players out of the 53 man roster gone. That’s a horrible free agency outcome.

While the LA Rams’ fanbase has been confused by the lack of team’s activity in the year where the team debuts at SoFi Stadium, the second path taken by the Rams has resulted in a much different fan reaction.

The new LA Rams logo was revealed this week. Instead of triggering a positive response, the fans are overwhelmingly against the new logo. In fact, the response has been so negative, that former Rams’ player Eric Dickerson is attempting to mediate some modifications

Of course, other former players are in the discussion as well. Former QB Jim Everett has been the catalyst for many fans discussions on the topic:

Is the bad logo a scarecrow tactic to distract fans from the horrible free agency results of the team so far?

It appears that the LA Rams have placed all their hopes into the 2020 NFL Draft, and the subsequent undrafted free agents to be signed afterward. While we have yet to see a new wave of activity from the Rams, we know that the team continues to sit on the sidelines, even at the chance of signing cheap talented field-tested XFL players. For now, the team has less than $6 million in available cap space but has not yet recorded the contracts for either center Austin Blythe nor OLB Leonard Floyd.  In theory, those two contracts will combine for approximately $11.2 million in additional costs for 2020.

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Few anticipated this level of fasting during the 2020 Free Agency market for the Rams. But now that it’s upon us, the team has a plan to get everyone through it. Develop a new team logo that nobody wants to keep everyone’s mind off of a swiss cheese roster seems to be the team’s true offseason strategy.