LA Rams new logo unveiled today in virtual ceremony

The LA Rams have unveiled their new look logo today for the 2020 NFL season via a virtual ceremony

The LA Rams know how to throw a party, don’t they? From a grand ceremony intended to commemorate the age of Aries, the zodiac symbol for the Ram, the LA Rams planned to unveil their own vision of the team’s future via a symbolic unveiling of their new logo.   A symbol that is represented by the original NFL team of the city, and one that needs to weave together the past, the present, and the future.

We’d been following the path of the new logo for some time. The logo leaks were met with a social media storm of rejection and mayhem. So poorly received were those initial leaks, that some even thought it all to be a poorly timed hoax.

The LA Rams have a lot riding on this new logo. This will be the logo and color scheme used to open the $5 billion SoFi Stadium complex on the opening day of the NFL. for the LA Rams season. SoFi Stadium is so unique and ahead-of-its-time that the LA Rams fans will have the greatest show possible in the NFL for years to come.

The virtual broadcast of the event was set for 12:00 pm PT, and was broadcast over social media.

The session opened with the old logo fading out to a black background on the LA Rams twitter feed:

To the image of the new-look LA Rams logo, captured by the phrase: “A new chapter begins”

To the video broadcast embedded within a Tweet about the journey to the new logo, discussing the new stadium, new future for the team

To the new merchandising which is now on display. reflecting a verigated design of white to sol, the color defining the yellow optimism of the new LA Rams.

SO there you go. the new look logo for the LA Rams. More details can be found at

I’m seldom moved by the message delivered by a new team logo, but hearing the need for hope in the danger we all face today in the risks introduced by the COVID-19 coronavirus disease caught me in a way that surprised me.  Whether you like the new logo or not, that’s your choice. But the message to deliver that new logo is one I encourage you to hear and share.

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Well Done, LA Rams, Well Done.

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