How you can catch the unveiling of new LA Rams logo and gauge reaction

The LA Rams have teased with fan interest over the new 2020 Logo and color palette. Today, March 23, the Rams are releasing the new logo. How can fans be part of the unveiling?

The LA Rams marketing for the new logo and color scheme may have generated some negative feedback with a leaked design. But nobody can argue against the success of free press coverage since that moment the unpopular design and color scheme was released.

Of course, we were right there with you throughout the previous “leaked” release. The reaction was so alarming, that former Ramblin Fan writer Manuel Harari came back just to cover the new logo release. His original story was so well received, and the logo was so horrifically NOT well received, that he followed up with his original article asking the question if the entire matter was a staged hoax by the team.

Real or not, the results were so dramatic that national sports media are now weighing in on the event.  Of course, the new logo reveal will be held oat 12:00 pm PT, today, Monday, March 23

So now that it’s planned for release today, how do fans plug-in to the grand unveiling? Well, it’s part of a “Te”LA”thon” fundraising effort which will be held on March 24, 2020, in partnership with KABC-TV, as a broadcast to raise money to

assist Southern California response efforts during this unprecedented global health crisis. All contributions will benefit the United Way of Greater Los Angeles’ Pandemic Relief Fund in direct support of community partners including Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.-per

The UWGLA’s Pandemic Relief Fund is intended to benefit those hardest hit by the health and economic impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19.

How can fans give to the “Te’LA’thon” for Los Angeles on March 24?

On Tuesday, MARCH 24, It’s as easy as 1 -2-3:

1- Call in at (213) 263-0211 or use a National Toll-Free # at (888) 504-9491
2 – Visit UWGLA’s Pandemic Relief page at
3- Text “UnitedforLA” to 1-844-701-5181

So now we’re down to the unveiling, which is scheduled to happen today, March 23.

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LA Rams New Official Logo first public unveiling details:

Date:            Monday, March 23, 2020
Time:           12:00 pm NOON Pacific Time
Location:     Virtual unveiling

How can I see the new logo unveiling? Check out the Live Stream at for the event in real-time.

What if I only have my smartphone then? You can check out the LA Rams twitter account at @RamsNFL for nearly real-time updates

Where can I find the controversial “leaked” designs?:  You can check the image and the reaction by checking out the LA Rams leaked logo sparks fandom mayhem article.

What about the “hoax” article?: You can read the follow up to that article Is the new LA Rams logo for real? Or is it just a hoax? – as well.

How can fans get merchandise with the new logo? Merchandise with the new log will be available for sale at a future date. However, anyone who donates to the Te”LA”thon has a chance to win a Rams hat donning our new brand, while supplies last.

How can I track Rams logo updates on Ramblin Fan?:
You can follow us on twitter on @RamblinFan or check us out on Facebook. In either case, we’ll be updating you about the unveiling, as well as fans’ reactions, all day.

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Let’s hope the new logo and color scheme goes off better than the leaked versions. Few believe it could be any worse.

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