Will LA Rams Everett or Higbee be an NFL top-5 TE?

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Top tight-end trials

One of the first overtures by the Rams was to discuss bringing former Washington Redskins tight end Jordan Reed to the Rams.  While that did not have any impact on the team’s roster, it certainly highlighted one of the keys and underestimated elements of the Rams’ 2020 offensive innovations, which is a strong commitment to two-tight-end formations.

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Rams get creative

In the two TE sets, the Rams were able to mix in a number of formation variables. Of course, two tight-ends on the line of scrimmage enabled the Rams to threaten the defense with a running play, or five receivers (two tight ends, two wide receivers, and a running back). While the Rams tight end Gerald Everett suffered a knee injury in November, the team pressed on by placing reserve tight-end Johnny Mundt into the mix.

Other options found the Rams lining up Johnny Mundt in the backfield as a pseudo fullback, lead blocking for Gurley.  That will carry over to the Rams offense for 2020, at least until defenses determine how to defend it. So what should fans expect in 2020?