Will LA Rams Everett or Higbee be an NFL top-5 TE?

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So who were the top tight ends of 2019?

The LA Rams proved in 2019 that the offense is quite capable of moving the ball and scoring points. And the Rams proved quite capable of doing so with two tight ends on the field at the same time. While the easiest route to measure top tight-ends is to simply compare their receiving yards, that’s not really a true measure of their total contribution.

Pro Football Focus (PFF) attempts to measure the impact of tight ends, but the scoring measures used are sometimes subjectively applied:

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Rams tight ends better than advertised

LA Rams tight end Tyler Higbee was the seventh-ranked tight end in 2019.  Per PFF, he was the four-ranked tight-end by their measuring index. Does that surprise you? It shouldn’t.  Even with a significant injury, Rams Gerald Everett was the 23rd ranked tight end in the NFL.

While the team drafted rookie tight end, Brycen Hopkins, they have historically allowed rookies to rotate in sparsely while learning team dynamics as part of special teams play.  Johnny Mundt is the best blocking tight end on the team, and will likely continue to serve as that lead blocker role for the Rams in 2020.  That means that the Rams offense will likely be the site of both Tyler Higbee and Gerald Everett to showcase their talents against NFL defenses.