3 keys for LA Rams QB Jared Goff’s dominating the NFL in 2020

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LA Rams Jared Goff
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Key 2: Take what the defense gives you

The LA Rams offense was a bit of an enigma in 2019. The easy yards suddenly became more difficult to get. Defenses became stingier. The offensive blitzkrieg suddenly found itself mired against defenses that were just as fast, just as deceptive, and just as competent. Until that point, the Rams offense was virtually on autopilot. But much like action films, stormy weather soon overwhelmed the Rams’ ability to adjust on the fly.

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So the team found itself unable to impose their will upon defenses. That forced the offense to rethink the formula for success.  The Rams could no longer dominate games just by showing up. Rather, coaches learned that it had become a bit of outflanking defenses in the second half of 2019. That lesson carries over today.

Reformulate play design

By the time the Rams had fallen too far behind in the NFC playoff hunt, the lightbulb lit. Rather than send four receivers on routes play after play, the key was to reformulate the offense to feature two tight ends. Now, with an extra blocker, and an unaccounted for receiver, Rams’ tight-end Tyler Higbee had an amazing December 2019.

Hot. Sky is not falling on LA Rams offense in 2020. light

The Rams learned to take what defenses would give up. Rather than swing for the fences, the team, and QB Goff, learned that games are won by adapting to defenses in much the same way as defenses adapt to the offense.  That will be vital for Goff’s success in 2020. Defenses conclude what quarterbacks are capable of, and play to that level. Goff does not threaten defenses with an ability to scramble, so he must find quick accurate passes to keep them on their heels. A May 2019 article by WolfSports.com ranked Goff as the eighth quickest release in the NFL, but I suspect he’s faster still now.