5 NFL trades LA Rams make for 2021 1st round pick

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(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) *** Local Capture *** Les Snead /
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Tough decisions today

Only NFL teams “in the hunt” for post-season play will be willing to roll the dice. The window for “winning-it-all” is a short-lived opportunity. That puts tremendous pressure upon the front office of a team whose perception is that of favored to win it all. Is it too soon for the Rams to weigh options for a trade? Well, strike while the iron is hot comes to mind.

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If the LA Rams are confident in the talent level of their current roster to the point of surplus in some areas is strong enough, the team can choose to convert today’s player for a 2021 draft pick. Keep in mind that many of these trades are unique to 2020’s situation, merely because even drafted players this year will struggle to catch up to their NFL veteran counterparts.

Money money

The uncertainty of the 2021 salary cap cannot be denied at this point. So making tough decisions today would be easier if the NFL had a definitive answer for how much will the salary cap be in 2021.  While the NFL season will likely transpire, there is a spectrum of answers as to how will fans attend those games. Will it be full attendance, no attendance, some attendance, or a gradually-phased approach to restore fans to sporting events?

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That uncertainty should not be taken lightly. The  LA Rams have a host of NFL free agents in 2021, 22 players to be exact, and unless the NFL salary cap increases significantly next year, the Rams may be limited to re-signing cornerback free agent Jalen Ramsey.  So that type of thinking places  players on trading blocks