Fox Sports Bayless refutes Donald’s ranking as tops in NFL

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LA Rams Aaron Donald
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What makes a quarterback valuable?

Is it a fair claim? Actually no. His argument that no team would trade a top quarterback for a top defensive lineman has little to do with the value of that player, but rather the system fit for a quarterback. A quarterback depends upon the running game, offensive linemen, and receivers who can get open.

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Even the tight ends who play in that offensive system are linked to the success or failure of that QB.  Thus the argument about “great quarterbacks” is actually more about a pyramid of great coaching, great offensive schemes, great running backs, great offensive linemen, and great receivers.

Quarterbacks sit atop the entire offense organization

The offense is, by design, all about the quarterback. He handles the ball on each down.  So it falls to reason that the investment of so many coaching hours, and so much in support staff and players, all combine to support a quarterback to succeed. In fact, no other player on either offense or defense has that type of role, simply because the nature of being the primary dispatcher on all offensive plays is significantly higher profile than any other position in football.

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The LA Rams are not unique in the NFL. Their teams have been designed, like many teams, to win games in the conventional ways by scoring points on offense and by stopping other teams from scoring on defense.  The difference for the Rams is that Aaron Donald is such a tremendous player that he often warrants the attention of two or three offensive linemen from the other team to neutralize him.  And that is the rub. No other defensive player requires so much attention by their opponent to be shut down.  No other player can be singled out by the opposing team to face so much opposition.