3 LA Rams innovations from Coach McVay in 2020

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Is it live, or is it Memorex?

The Rams faced a bit of that redistribution of coaching talent after the end of the 2018 season, where they lost to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LIII.  Despite the loss, the meteoric rise of the Rams from a 4-12 2016 season to 11-5 in 2017 to 13-3 in 2018 was quite an eye-opener to many in the NFL. Not only did the LA Rams suddenly spring back to life in the NFL post-season discussions, but the team did so while being led by the youngest head coach ever to compete in a Super Bowl.

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Following that game, the LA Rams suddenly became the first stop for new coaches throughout the NFL. In fact, three new head coaches hired in 2019 were all linked back to the LA Rams head coach Sean McVay. While that may seem very complimentary, it flooded the NFL with the same offensive concepts, philosophies, and strategies.

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Diamond or quartz?

The value we place upon something is frequently linked to how rare an object is.  To the naked eye, quartz, cubic zirconium, and diamonds all have a translucent quality of sparkling brilliance. But it is the rarity of diamonds that give the gem its incredible value.  So too was the offensive strategy employed by Rams coach McVay a bit of a rarity in the NFL. But the NFL has a way of clipping and grafting those innovative concepts off one coaching staff and onto another team. Each coaching hire “steals” a bit of that success to the new team.

So innovating is not enough.  To continue to succeed, McVay’s coaching staff must continue to push the envelope, continue to improvise, continue to introduce new strategies and plays.  In summary, the Rams must continue to innovate to win.  That is why the Rams hired three new coordinators.  Three new coordinators, three fresh perspectives, but all tied to one common theme – innovation. So what will they be cooking up this year?