LA Rams TE Tyler Higbee emerging as FF dark horse TE1

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LA Rams TE Tyler Higbee emerging as fantasy football’s dark horse for TE1

Fantasy football has not been particularly enamored with LA Rams players in recent years. With the exception of LA Rams’ running back Todd Gurley, many fantasy football pundits have discouraged drafting LA Rams skilled players for various reasons. Either a player racks up plenty of yards on the field, but fails to score the average number of touchdowns for that position at that production level, or the player does well at scoring, but failed to put up the type of yardage that encourages the type of consistent performance to be a solid player.

Or the player can put up both yards and scores but creates too many negative plays that negate positive plays and drag the player down to mediocrity. Whatever the root cause, LA Rams players are not getting much respect from followers and participants of fantasy football.  But that could all change in 2020.  And leading the way?  Tight end Tyler Higbee, whose December 2019 performance was one of the greatest one-month performances by a tight end in the history of the NFL.

TE1 time for Tyler?

That type of production gets noticed. Perhaps not right away, but given time it begins to show up in the discussions among NFL analysts. So the 522 yards, two touchdowns December 2019 performance by LA Rams Tyler Higbee has propelled him into the discussion as a potential dark horse player as TE1 for fantasy football team owners as they prepare for their 2020 Draft.

ESPN staff writer Matt Bowen is not the first to notice Tyler Higbee.

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Higbee is a Ramblin Fan favorite too

We’ve been in Tyler Higbee’s corner for some time. While contributor Larry Brake had already endorsed Higbee for fantasy football team owners, we have continued to promote Higbee.  From the moment that the Rams signed Higbee to a contract extension in September 2019, we’ve been happy with Higbee’s production on the field. But never more so than his December 2019 performance in the must-win game against the Arizona Cardinals. It was that game that began Higbee’s incredible December 2019 run.

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Higbee is on track to be a top-5 tight end in the NFL in 2020. And it’s his performance this season, combined with that of wide receivers Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp, which refutes the likelihood of a disastrous 2020 for the LA Rams. Should he manage to sustain his current pace, he will rack up 1,600 yards and 7 touchdowns in 2020. While the Rams options for the passing game will likely cap Higbee’s ceiling somewhat, Higbee certainly could end up with more than 1000 yards receiving this season. Is that enough for your fantasy football league?  Well, it should be enough to choose him as the fifth or later tight end in your draft.