Way too early LA Rams 2020 starter projections

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LA Rams starter projections
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More logic

The receiving core doesn’t go through any changes except Reynolds filling in the void Brandin Cooks after he was traded to the Texans. While the Rams spent a 2nd round pick on Van Jefferson expect him to start next year with Reynolds and Kupp both in a contract year pending injury.

Higbee had one of the better finishes to the 2019  season, making him the obvious choice for TE1. His 522 yards receiving in weeks 13-17 could be a glimpse of what could come in the 2020 season. His teammate Gerald Everett will take the TE2 spot. He fits what the Rams want to run in a 12 package or whenever Higbee needs to take a couple plays off. He could be a trade candidate in the last year of his contract as well.

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Fullback and blocking roles

While the Rams rarely used the fullback position in McVay’s tenure as head coach, they have had a tight end fill a pseudo fullback role from time to time, especially in McVay’s first year. Since tight end Johnny Mundt is a better blocker than a receiver, he can slot in as the fullback on running downs. You could also expect the same from Everett as he has also run routes on passes from this role in the past.

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The offensive line is probably one of the trickier places to guess who is starting but here is my crack at it. Left Tackle is the only position on the line that can be said without debate as the Rams extended Whitworth the offseason. LG I have Corbett after the Rams traded for him last year. He seemed to have found his groove his second season after his rookie stint with the Browns did not pan out.

The center and right guard roles will be filled one of two ways with Brian Allen, Austin Blythe, and David Edwards. I believe the combination of Blythe at center and Edwards at right guard is the best combination. Right tackle will be Havenstein but with Bobby Evans proving to be a potential starting-caliber player, he could earn the right to start once more.