5 ways LA Rams play better than expected in 2020

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Reason 5 – Rams tight end play

The LA Rams made a discovery about tight ends Tyler Higbee and Gerald Everett in 2019. They are better in tandem than playing separately. In 2020, you should look for more pairing of the two tight-ends in the LA Rams offense. That means even more challenges for defenses when facing the Rams offense.

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If the Rams lean heavily into two-tight end sets, their offense presents a very balanced look to defenses. With a seven-man offensive line, the Rams will be limited to just two wide receivers and one running back. Alternately, the  Rams could empty the backfield and send three-wide receivers and two tight ends into passing routes. How will this help the Rams offense?

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Expect the unexpected

In the throes of desperation, a very young head coach Sean McVay learned just how powerful surprise can become on his side. So powerful, in fact, that tight end Tyler Higbee, who had only modest production in the NFL, suddenly became the hottest tight end for December 2019.  Not just on the LA Rams roster, but in the entire NFL.  And the opposition? Not bad teams, but rather NFC West opponents, two of whom were on their way to the NFL playoffs. Teams that were quite familiar with the Rams suddenly were shredded by Higbee. What gives?

McVay leaned to reinvent himself and the Rams’ offensive tendencies. Defenses had found the right range to successfully defend McVay’s wide-open passing attack. So he changed things up. Suddenly the Rams ran two-tight end sets. The team lined up with tight end Johnny Mundt in the backfield. That all worked to restore some proficiency to the Rams running game, shore up the blocking, and help QB Jared Goff in the passing game.