LA Rams: Ranking NFC West D/STs for fantasy football drafts

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If your fantasy football draft was today, here’s how the LA Rams D/ST would rank against the NFC West

If you are a fan of the LA Rams but participate in fantasy football, you know the moment arrives when you must either select the best player or select the player you are most loyal to.  For the LA Rams, it’s commonplace. And it will be common in 2020 as well. The LA Rams have stars, but oftentimes their best players excel in areas not scored in fantasy football leagues. So team owners must study the way scoring is applied, and then find players who will score them the most points on any given week.

Most fantasy football draft decisions are made with confidence and backed up with hours of study. Throw out any analytical theories when it comes time to draft your D/ST. Most fantasy team owners are preoccupied with sacks, especially from the LA Rams.

5 FF units that score

There are five areas that require pre-draft attention by taking a closer look at each NFC West defenses performance in 2019. To begin with, which defense gave up the fewest touchdowns? Follow that up with which defense had the most interceptions, sacks, fumble recoveries, and scored defensive touchdowns.

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Generally, the average fantasy football scoring summary begins with the defense spotted or awarded, a fixed number of points to begin a game: from 10-30 points in the majority of FF leagues. Defense scoring gives 1 point for interceptions, sacks, and fumble recoveries. The defense will earn six points for each defensive touchdown and 2 points for safeties. However, points are removed for allowing the offense to score.  That’s why stingy defenses get more points for allowing the fewest points, either by touchdown or field goal.

Special teams are scored by return touchdowns via punts or kickoffs. The NFC West did not have a punt or kickoff return for a score in 2019. There was nothing special about NFC West’s special teams in 2019.

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How the LA Rams compare with the other NFC West FF Ds

First, Seattle allowed the fewest touchdowns with 19. The Rams and San Francisco allowed 23 touchdowns. Arizona gave up a whopping 38 touchdowns in 2019. Edge: Seattle

Second, Seattle intercepted 16 passes. LA intercepted 13 and San Francisco swiped 12 passes. Arizona intercepted seven passes for the entire 2019 season. Edge: Seattle

Third, the Rams recorded 50 sacks, two more than San Francisco. Arizona rebounded in the statistical count with 40 sacks. Seattle recorded 28 sacks. Edge: LA Rams

Fourth, Seattle recovered 16 fumbles for an average of just one per game. San Francisco was next with 15 recoveries. The Rams recovered one more fumble than Arizona, 11 to 10. Edge: Seattle

Fifth, the 49ers and the Rams scored five defensive touchdowns each in 2019. Seattle scored three defensive touchdowns while Arizona did not have a defensive score last season. The LA Rams did have a safety. Edge: LA Rams

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Defensive scoring weighs defensive points scored more heavily than other categories.  While the Seahawks’ defense dominated in more categories, they were not the best defense for fantasy football.  In conclusion, the LA Rams are the best all-around D/ST to draft for your fantasy team. San Francisco is the next best choice followed by Seattle. LA and San Francisco get the nod because they got more sacks than Seattle was able to get. Stay away from Arizona. The Cardinals’ defense was terrible in 2019 and will need to prove they are better before going with them in 2020.