Ranking Rams McVay among NFL head coaches (27-21)

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LA Rams Sean McVay
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26th-ranked Adam Gase, New York Jets

Head Coaching Record: 30-34 (.469)
The New York Jets applauded when the team hired Adam Gase to take over as head coach for the team. I wasn’t among the joyous celebration. Gase was the former head coach of the Miami Dolphins. Since he left, so many former players have looked like completely different (better) players. Whether bad luck, bad timing, or bad management, Gase seems to attract bad circumstances, bad performances, and bad outcomes.

Since arriving at the Jets, the team finished 7-9. Isn’t that good for a team that was 4-12 the previous season? Perhaps. But an NFL team with the seventh-ranked defense in the NFL should be looking at .500 at least. And much like Matt Patricia’s horrible defense in Detroit, former offensive coordinator Gase had the NFL’s worst offense in the NFL in 2019. The bottom-of-the-barrel worst.

light. Hot. The LA Rams wisely passed twice on WR Denzel Mims

No offensive weapons or simply no plan?

The New York Jets are convinced that young quarterback Sam Darnold can lead the team to the Super Bowl. If that’s so, he’d better get busy quickly. The team appears to have weapons on offense. After all, the team has running back Le’Veon Bell and has wide receivers Jamison Crowder, Demaryius Thomas, and Robbie Anderson.  All of whom are playing at some of the worst levels of their respective NFL careers. More bad coincidence?  Or is it simply history repeating itself?

The Jets added OT Mekhi Becton and controversial and outspoken wide receiver Denzel Mims in the 2020 NFL Draft. Will that help the offense? I don’t see how, as the team had solid weapons in 2019 and was far too sporadic. And it doesn’t help that the head coach lit into the quarterback on the sidelines, an event that both laughed off as a ‘heated exchange where we were in agreement. Then there were a series of events where players complained about the team on social media, which again triggered “Angry Adam” to appear. Finally, there is the unexplained event where some suspect that one of Adam Gase’s burner accounts religiously defended him on social media. Those types of headlines reinforce the belief that Gase is too distracted to get the Jets back on track this season.