LA Rams News: So much for SoFi debut

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(Photo by Daniel SLIM / AFP) (Photo by DANIEL SLIM/AFP via Getty Images) /

LA Rams News: SoFi stadium attendance capped at 15,000 if any fans attend at all

The LA Rams new $6 billion SoFi Stadium will not debut to a roaring 70,000 fans. In fact, the best that the team projects right now limit the stadium to a max capacity of just 15,000 fans.  Some games may be played in an empty stadium.  Not exactly the type of debut that LA Rams owner Stan Kroenke envisioned when he moved the team back to Los Angeles.

While the pomp and ceremony of a stadium filled with fans may need to wait for another year, the fact remains that the Rams still play eight games in the most modern up-to-date sports stadiums anywhere in the world.  Sadly, that impressive display of architecture, landscaping, and art will not thrill fans as they make their way to and from 2020 NFL games.

Bad timing

The Rams’ timing of opening such a grand NFL stage could not have been more poorly timed. After all, the construction cost ballooned from an original estimate of $2.5 billion due to competing construction projects occurring simultaneously. Then the construction itself faced the challenges of timing during the coronavirus pandemic restrictions.  And now, as the project is completed at over twice the original price, there will be few to no fans able to enjoy the magnificent arena.

While the stadium may not be filled with loud cheering fans, the team remains on a mission to rebound from a down season in 2019 to return to the NFL Playoffs this year.  That task is more difficult with no preseason. Not only were the Rams counting on preseason to evaluate so many young players to the roster, but also to roll out new offensive plays and an entirely new defensive playbook. And then there is the fine-tuning to an offensive line riddled with injuries in 2019. Preseason games provided a penalty-free dress rehearsal allowing coaches to observe the most compatible five-player combination.

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So long, SoFi! Alas, we knew ye not well.