LA Rams News: NFL-NFLPA agreement has some teeth in it too

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LA Rams News: The NFL-NFLPA updated agreement for the pandemic protocols has some sharp teeth in it for non-compliance

The LA Rams players are back! The LA Rams coaches are back! Yes, the long-awaited return to semi-normal footballing is upon us.  The Rams opened their 2020 training camp on August 3rd, 2020. It’s begun and is operating at a frantic pace so far. The Rams are down to the 80-man roster limit, via cuts, opt=out, and COVID-19 reserve. Here we go!  So that’s the good news.

The bad news is that this is still under the risk of the coronavirus pandemic. After all, COVID-19 may not be fatal to many, but it is highly infectious and can be transmitted multiple times before anyone shows noticeable symptoms.  That is why the NFL and NFLPA spent countless hours hammering out the details to ensure the health and safety of the players as football resumes.

Lots of protection, lots of penalties

The NFL and NFLPA have enlisted medical experts from across the nation to develop acceptable methods to conduct safe NFL training.  Such things as social distancing, wearing masks, and self quarantining are enforced at all times among the NFL.  Not just for the safety of the players, but the coaches, everyone’s family, and the game itself.

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Of course, with any controlled environment scenario, there is the risk of someone resisting the guidelines. Perhaps it’s simply a moment of bad judgment. Perhaps its a bit of the rebel in all of us. Or it could even be something as fundamental as disbelief in the risks. In any case, the NFL and NFLPA have agreed to significant penalties for anyone who fails to adhere to the rules. Not just players, but the coaching staff as well.