This LA Rams rookie is pushing for emergency QB duties

(Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)
(Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) /

The LA Rams emergency quarterback duties may be in the hands of a rookie this year. But who?

Did you know that the LA Rams emergency quarterback was a wide receiver named Cooper Kupp? If you did, give yourself a pat on the back. Now, who held that role before Kupp? If you answered punter Johnny Hekker, you are going two for two and are on your way to expert level of LA Rams’  trivia. Now, without looking down, do you know which rookie is pushing hard for the emergency quarterback role for the team?

Is it Rams rookie wide receiver Van Jefferson? No. Is it rookie tight end Brycen Hopkins? No.

It’s rookie running back Cam Akers, who was a successful dual-threat high-school quarterback who opted to go the running back route to the NFL through his college track. And the news is a bit – shall we say – intriguing?

Let’s hope Rams’ head coach takes Akers up on the offer.

Great opportunity to get creative

We know that the LA Rams need an offensive edge to slow down fast defenses like that of the rival San Francisco 49ers. We also know that the 49ers have demonstrated vulnerability when facing dual-threat quarterbacks. Finally, we know that the Rams now have as many dual-threat quarterbacks on the roster as drop back passers.

Innovation and improvisation. These components are the lifeblood of a Sean McVay offense.  One of the biggest hurdles of the Rams 2019 offense is that defenses dictated the terms to McVay’s offense, and he was unable to respond to the challenge for several months. The Rams very likely enter 2020 with a keen eye to getting the jump on other NFL teams. To do so, the Rams will be changing things up on offense, defense, and special teams.

More mobility

The LA Rams are definitely moving towards mobile quarterbacks for the future. We know that the team has taken the unheard-of position of having as many mobile quarterbacks in the training camp room as traditional quarterbacks. Added to that is the fact that starting quarterback Jared Goff has been working on moving around in the pocket to avoid blitzes this offseason.  But there is one thing missing, a mobile quarterback for 2020.  Surprisingly, Cam Akers was five of eight in three seasons with the Florida State Seminoles for 97 yards.

Next. LA Rams safeties finally are the players envisioned by the coaching staff. dark

So if the Rams have Goff under center, how can the team improve mobility?  Well, knowing that Akers has a bit of a quarterback background, the team can consider some pitch out plays that have an option to throw the ball downfield. Picture the Rams offense – Goff takes the snap, pitches out to Akers running to his right. Akers steps up and throws a 20-yard strike to wide receiver Robert Woods running down the sideline to the endzone. Touchdown Rams.