Lirim Hajrullahu will be LA Rams new K, water is wet, and other facts

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LA Rams Lirim Hajrullahu
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SoFi star in the making

Life, as random as it may seem at times, has a purpose. Amidst the chaos and calamity, there is a guiding hand.  Life does not come with any guarantees, but it does come with a purpose. Those who have come through the worst of conditions often emerge with that understanding of the incredible value of living each moment in life. The pure sweetness of each breath. The thrill of living in the moment, and drinking in everything that moment can offer you.

When Lirim Hajrullahu stepped onto the field at the Rams home SoFI Stadium, he was all business. He checked out the field, he took some practice kicks.

At the end of the contest, he walked out to the 50-yard line and took a selfie of himself with his cell phone.

Sofi scrimmage results

For the evening, kicker Lirim Hajrullahu was perfect. He made every kick, every time, to end the night 5 for 5.  Austin MacGinnis missed one field goal to finish 4 for 5.  Sam Sloman missed two field goals and finished the night 3 for 5.  It was at SoFi Stadium. It was indoors. There was no wind, pleasant temperature, and well lit. The scrimmage was a controlled scripted kick.  Conditions will never be more kicker friendly.

The pressure on an NFL kicker is a funny thing. Much like looking down to avoid stumbling, the very act of thinking about what can go wrong wills it into existence. Icing the kicker – a common ploy of calling a time out – is used to force a kicker to think about what can go wrong.

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Why are we so sure that Lirim Hajrullahu will land the LA Rams kicker position. It’s about pressure, nerves, and confidence. He’s kicked in freezing temperatures. He’s kicked in swirling winds. He’s kicked to win the championship.  But most of all, each time he kicks, he is staring down the barrel of a gun. And each time, he walks away stronger for it.

Get used to singing Hallelujah Hajrullahu.  He’s coming to LA to kick a winning FG for the Rams.