5 possible surprises from LA Rams training camp

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LA Rams training camp
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Rookie running back Cam Akers has been pushing hard for emergency quarterback duties. In the past, that role has fallen upon WR Cooper Kupp. It makes more sense for the Rams to consider a player who naturally lines up in the backfield. Still, I wouldn’t expect the Rams to get to that level of the depth chart in a game.

The team will have John Wolford active every week just-in-case. If anything should happen to Goff, the team will have Wolford run the offense that week.  After that, the team will either call up or activate one of the other backups for the following week. So the quarterback role itself is quite set and secure.

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Wildcat option

What this does give the LA Rams offense is the option to run the wildcat offense. With no discernable difference between a standard offensive play or the wildcat – where the ball is hiked directly to the hands of the running back – the Rams now have a built-in option to outflank the A-gap blitzes that were their downfall last season. The Rams need mobility. QB Jared Goff is learning how to move around in the pocket. This gives the Rams a threat to shock pressuring defenses even more.

The beauty of this offensive option is that it is not a special package, but is an option from their base offensive package. Now the Rams have another spin on the run-pass option play. And for a further spin, Akers can throw the ball. So defenses will need to think run-pass-run-pass option. I like the sound of that, and it could be a surprise option for the offense in 2020