Ex-Rams CB NRC hints LA Rams QB Jared Goff doesn’t own offense

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(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

Former LA Rams slot cornerback Nickell Robey Coleman accuses LA Rams QB Jared Goff of not taking ownership of the offense

The LA Rams offense is in a bit of a mini shakeup right now. Well, perhaps aftershock is more descriptive. You see, the LA Rams offense was falling apart pretty quickly in 2019 as the offensive line suffered a constant stream of injuries. Then a domino effect occurred. Poor offensive line play translated into a poor running game. No threat to run mean lots of pressure on the quarterback.

Rams HC Sean McVay was overloaded. While the offensive line was breaking down, the Rams’ two starting cornerbacks were misfiring. Long-time reliable kicker Greg Zuerlein was suddenly missing. It all collapsed around McVay at once, and the impact of so much at once created a deadlock of getting things cleaned up.

Slow fix, faster strategic changes

Things did eventually get cleaned up. The Rams rebuilt the secondary midseason. The team also signed on reinforcements for a battered offensive line. The team even reconfigured the offensive alignment to place a blocker at the point of attack. The aftermath of the shakeup created a series of ripple effects. The team finally hired an offensive coordinator in Kevin O’Connell.  The Rams had a stagnant offense and needed to adapt more quickly in 2020.

The team also recognized that quarterback Jared Goff needs an offensive plan where he has some ownership. For the last three years, the game plan was essentially scripted by McVay and handed to Goff, play by play. As long as it works? It’s very efficient and effective. When the offense breaks down? Nobody takes charge giving the necessary feedback to say: “No, that won’t work!”.

Can’t argue with his take, but it’s no longer valid

A statement made by former LA Rams slot cornerback Nickell Robey Coleman today comparing his new team, the Philadelphia Eagles, with his former team, the LA Rams, precipitated this statement:

Keep in mind, Nickell Robey-Coleman has not played for the Rams this year. So while this is probably a valid observation from his perspective, it’s already been diagnosed and addressed by the Rams.

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While we’ve covered the issue in multiple articles, perhaps the cleanest discussion is the most recent one.  In our latest visit on the issue, we revisited the challenges of one of the highest-paid quarterbacks playing behind one of the least expensive offensive lines in the NFL. To warrant his compensation, the Rams need more from Goff this year.

So far, the Rams are getting much more from Goff so far in training camp. And the plan is for that to translate into the 2020 NFL season.  How so?  Faster recognition of pressure up the middle.  More active role in moving in the pocket. Throwing on the run.  All of the things that are expected of a highly compensated quarterback are on the menu now. To ensure that remains part of the dialogue, OC O’Connell will keep it active with Goff throughout the season.  While it’s not proven to be fixed just yet, the Rams are addressing the situation.

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The perception that Rams quarterback Jared Goff is just a “system quarterback” is the unspoken but general consensus in the NFL. It’s why so many are so quick to discount the Rams outlook this season. The Rams, and Goff, are intent on disproving that perception this year. I’m certain we’ll have more on this in the future. Stay Tuned!