5 reasons why Rams QB Goff shatters 5000 passing yards

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Reason 3 – The quarterback whisperer

When the LA Rams hired new offensive coordinator Kevin O’ Connell to join the coaching staff, the hope was that he would assist head coach Sean McVay in managing the offense. The hope was that McVay could take a more active role in the entire team. While that may, in fact, be the case, the reality is that O’Connell will likely not be as dominant in designing the Rams offense as originally thought.

But his impact on this offense may have an even larger effect. You see, Kevin O’Connell is a quarterback whisperer. He has a way of mentoring, educating, translating, and deciphering NFL offensive strategies and defensive tactics into ways that quarterbacks have much faster recognition and processing.

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Goff responds

The effect of O’Connell on Jared Goff is already quite dramatic. He is moving in the pocket gracefully.  He is throwing deep passes again. He drills at throwing on the run. And Jared Goff has a much larger role in owning the offense. That means he no longer just takes a script and reads the lines. Rather, it means giving feedback. It means making suggestions for running more effective plays and running plays more effectively.

These are all significant improvements for the Rams. In the culture of a head coach handing out the plays, there is little room to ask “What about doing it this way instead?”.  If the Rams can pull that off, and every indication that they can do so this year, this offense will be much more adaptive and self-correcting this year