LA Rams odds narrow to 2 point underdogs in opener vs. Cowboys

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LA Rams odds narrow to 2 point underdogs in the opener versus the Dallas Cowboys

The LA Rams remain underdogs in their season opener, but the mood of the NFL oddsmakers has shifted twice already.  With so many unknown components about the NFL in 2020, there is expected to be some volatility in the betting odds for NFL games.  And that is exactly what the past experience has been in terms of the LA Rams hosting the Dallas Cowboys in the season’s first Sunday Night Football game.

The Rams opened as 2.5 point underdogs against the visiting Cowboys when the betting lines opened months ago.  Then, money started off chasing the NFL stars. Fueled by overly optimistic predictions and claims that the newly coached 8-8 Dallas Cowboys were suddenly Super Bowl contenders, rabid fans eager to cash in on the Cowboys success flooded the books as everyone wanted in on the Cowboys Super Bowl season.

Smart money betting on the Rams

Vegas oddsmakers know what they are doing. The odds rose more and more in favor of the Cowboys. In some cases, the odds rose from 3.0 to 3.5 points in favor of the Cowboys. But then smart money began to find its way to the game. Even with all the uncertainty, smart money can smell blood in the water, prompting an influx of dollars on the Rams.

The odds soon returned to 2.5 and then fell. In some cases, the Cowboys are now only favored by 2.0 points in the opener.  While that may not seem like much, that’s a pretty huge swing over the past couple of days. While it certainly has financial implications, what’s the story behind the rush to bet on the Rams? Simply stated, the Rams are better than anyone has given them credit for, and the smart money is swooping in to take advantage of that fact.

Action App

How can you track the odds? Simply click on the link below, or install the app to your smartphone. I hate adding apps, but I’m happy with this one.  Not only does it survey all major oddsmakers on every NFL game, but it analyzes where public money is moving, where the odds have moved off the opening line, and even who the experts are betting on.

If you place bets, or just want to pick your own weekly card just for fun, this is a great app to keep you in the know about the NFL. It even gives you the weekly injury report. For example, Cowboys cornerback Jourdan Lewis is ruled out against the Rams in week one.

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Whether or not you gamble should not be the deciding factor.  The Action App gives you a ton of NFL information at your fingertips.