3 reasons why the LA Rams were right to pay Jalen Ramsey

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LA Rams Jalen Ramsey
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Loyalty is perhaps his greatest quality

The attribute that I enjoy more than any other quality is the loyalty factor that Jalen Ramsey exhibits. He is a passionate player who has the backs of those he cares about. That is something that is both rare and incredibly valuable in the modern NFL. When Ramsey jumped to the defense of his agent on social media, many just let the event pass.

But that was just one example of the fine loyalty of the incredibly talented cornerback. Loyalty is that passion to belong to a greater whole. It’s the willingness to commit. It goes beyond getting paid to a belief of significance in both self and the group. That’s why it is so rare nowadays. It’s confidence in the individual, but also the team.

In the end, Ramsey will have the Rams’ back.

The importance of loyalty

In a world where loyalty is nearly lost, perhaps its significance has diminished as well. Loyalty is that glue that builds a team that is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s the culture that promotes complimenting the actions of teammates, from a source of self-confidence. It’s the ability to follow coaching instructions to execute plays to the best of one’s ability, rather than dig in the heels and fight to do it differently.

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Loyalty is running both ways. The Rams committed to Jalen Ramsey when they traded for him. The team has now paid him. To some, it’s window dressing. But to Ramsey, it’s proven that the Rams can be trusted to take care of him. Now? It’s about Ramsey taking care of the Rams each Sunday. After all the noise, the what-ifs, the second guesses, and the fear of not coming through, the Rams have certainly come through for Jalen Ramsey. Now it’s up to Jalen Ramsey to come through for the Rams.  If you have any worries, you needn’t fret. He will come through too.