Too soon to mention LA Rams HC Sean McVay for NFL COY?

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LA Rams Sean McVay
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Nobody noticed

The Rams have been taking the right steps all along. Each year the Rams have added offensive linemen to the roster to develop. Each year the team drafts for the projected needs a year into the future. Each year, the team has tried to lock up the star players to long term deals. Sometimes those moves have worked out in the team’s favor, and other times the actions have resulted in the LA Rams a bit worse off.

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All the time, the team was not passively waiting for the NFL to show them the way. This has always been a trend-setting team. This team has fought hard against the limits imposed by finding success. At the end of the 2019 season, the Rams had a pretty long shopping list for talent, and did not have much money to spend on free agents, nor did the team have unlimited draft picks.

The turning point

The turning point occurred when head coach Sean McVay decided to hire an offensive coordinator. It was the moment of truth when the driving force for perfection finally took a look in the mirror and admitted to himself that he was… not perfect.  And at that moment, the true issue evaporated, and the team began to get better. Why? The logjam at the head coaching position burst.

With an admission of personally falling short in 2019, the LA Rams could make real fixes for the 2020 season. Goff was technically sound as a player. He just needed that one bit of “oomph” to put him over the top. He needed someone to lead him into the realm of how to be an elite quarterback. Good quarterbacks make successful plays. Elite quarterbacks make plays successful.  This year, Goff is making plays very successful.