What more Cam Akers means to LA Rams offense

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Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports /

What more Cam Akers means to the LA Rams offense

The LA Rams are running the ball this year and running it well. There were so many questions about the Rams running game this season, and the Rams coaching staff gave the only answer that made sense before the Rams played any games. The Rams committed to running all three running backs.  That became a by-committee takeaway.  After all, predictive statements made by any team’s head coach carries a bit of weight, intended or not.

We didn’t interpret things that way. We saw the Rams running game as a chapter by chapter evolution. The first several games or so would be left to the veterans Malcolm Brown and Darrell Henderson. Eventually, rookie Cam Akers would be folded into the rotation, until he was ready for more snaps. Ultimately, Akers will take over much of the LA Rams runs.

It appears that the LA Rams are prepared to start the next chapter. If rookie running back Cam Akers is available in your Fantasy Football league, now is the time to claim him.

Rookie Cam Akers is about to get a lot of work.

The upside of Akers as featured running back

LA Rams rookie running back Cam Akers was not drafted by the LA Rams to sit on the bench. Nor was he the guy who would come in on only certain downs and distances. He was brought to the LA Rams to learn the offense, demonstrate his knowledge on the field, and then play more offensive snaps the following week.

Akers unlocks the Rams playbook. The Rams can run two tight end sets and either run or pass from that formation, or the Rams can to three wide receivers and either run or pass from that formation as well. Both Henderson and Brown have been worked hard recently. Brown has been getting more offensive snaps, playing 140 snaps over four games. While Henderson has only played 90 snaps, he has nearly tied Brown with 43 carries, most coming in week three. But both are fatigued and a bit dinged up.

Next chapter

For week five, the LA Rams rushed Henderson 15 times, Akers nine times, and Brown eight times. In week six, the Rams could rush Akers 15-20 times, Henderson 7-10 times, and Brown 7-10 times. Why the shift? Darrell Henderson may be a favorite, but his 2.5 yards-per-carry was ineffective. Even Brown’s 3.8 yards-per-carry looked a bit too labored. But Akers, and his fresh legs, drove the ball at a clip of 6.8 yards-per-carry.

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The Rams need to go with the hot hand now. That’s Cam Akers. Of course, there are plenty of things to discuss regarding the Rams offense before next week, and we’ll touch on many of those. For today, the Rams are ready to give Akers more work, and that’s the right move. While the 49ers will no doubt try to counter the move, the Rams will be ready.