Look for LA Rams running game to be a by-chapter effort this season

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The LA Rams running game will be taking on a by-chapter than by-committee feel in 2020

The LA Rams running game is writing a brand new script in 2020. The Rams no longer have a presumed cowbell running back this season, and with the crash course style of the 2020 training camp, the chances of an immediate starting role for any rookie this year is highly doubtful.  Even more so if that rookie is working on earning snaps for head coach Sean McVay’s offense.

So the likelihood of rookie running back coming out to carry the ball 30 times in the home opener against the Dallas Cowboys is probably not going to happen.   A more likely scenario for the Rams in that opener finds the team going with running back Malcolm Brown in the opening set of downs for the Rams, and seeing how he does. If he’s successful, he could get over 20 carries in that game.  If he is less effective, the Rams could swap out Darrell Henderson for an up-tempo offense featuring two tight ends, and challenge the Cowboys perimeter. The third running back off the bench will likely be Akers.

Chapter II

At some point, after several games have passed, the Rams will begin to feature rookie RB Cam Akers.  If Brown struggles as the starter, or if Akers flashes brilliance in his appearance, the timing of that transition could be sooner rather than later in the season. But in any case, the Rams will likely be feeding Akers a steadier diet of carries by the time the Rams face the New York Giants in week four.

This chapter of the Rams backfield is one of giving the ball to the hottest runner.  And the hottest runner will be determined on a game by game, opponent by opponent basis. Of course, Akers will get more carries, but so will Henderson.  While this phase of the Rams running game will drive fantasy football owners crazy, it will also drive defensive coordinators crazy as well.  The Rams will strike up the “running back by committee” that has become more popular in the NFL as teams go with less expensive runners, and blend complementary talents

Chapter III

It all comes to an end when the Rams enter November 2020. In their first of two appearances in the state of Florida, the Rams will likely start rookie running back Cam Akers against the Miami Dolphins in week eight.  That will allow Akers to get a good dose of action, and then allow the team to reinforce that experience with two weeks of breakdown and coaching him up during the bye week in week nine.  The Rams will once more be on the road to Florida to take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in week 11.

By November, rookie Cam Akers will be getting 20-30 carries per game.  And his rushing yards will start popping in the 100-150 yards per game. How so?  He is an ideal candidate to involve the wildcat into McVay’s offense, and with his background as a high school quarterback, he will be very effective in the passing game as well.

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Running back by committee? Well yeah, I suppose you could call it that. But it will come in phases, much like a story with several chapters.  The first chapter will be all about veteran leadership. The middle chapter will be about players capitalizing on opportunities. The final chapter will be about finding the running back for the Rams future. While it may not be a best-seller, it will certainly have us on the edge of our seats.