LA Rams schedule 2020 game by game prediction

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LA Rams NFL Season
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Oh boy! October

WEEK 4· Sun 10/04· 1:05 pm PT hosting New York Giants (4-12)

By the time October rolls in, the LA Rams have been somewhat focused on getting familiar offensive weapons on track. Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods have been the bread and butter of the Rams passing attack. But the Rams debut WR Van Jefferson against the Giants, with devastating effect. While he may not rack up 100 yards (or he may), he adds a new dimension to the Rams passing game.

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Also, this could be the week that Rams have waited to see the flash of RB Darrell Henderson. The Giants get some surprising offense in their rushing attack late, but this one is pretty much all-LA Rams.  That’s not a bad thing for the Giants. It’s simply a reflection of a young NFL team facing a tough first month. The 2020 NFL season is more challenging than usual for young teams that truly face the handicap of little time together before the season.

Rams 35 Giants 14  (Rams 4-0, Giants 0-4)

WEEK 5· Sun 10/11· 10:00 am PT @ Washington Football Team (3-13)

This game has trap game written all over it.  The Washington Football Team is going to be in the race for the top draft pick of 2021. Meanwhile, the Rams take another trip to the dreaded East Coast. Of course, the connections of both Sean McVay and Kevin O’Connell will help the team, but the Washington players know both of the Rams’ key offensive coaches. This one will be much closer than it should be.

Are the Rams looking ahead to a road game against San Francisco? Who could really blame them if they do? But the early game time works in Washington’s favor for only so long. Eventually, the Rams offense simply overwhelms the overmatched Washington team.

Rams 30 Washington 23 (Rams 5-0, Washington 1-4)

Trying to stay perfect in an imperfect world

WEEK 6· Sun 10/18· 5:20 pm PT @ San Francisco 49ers (13-3)

Here we go! The rematch that the NFL West Coast has long-awaited. But these are not the same 49ers. Gone are offensive weapons Emmanuel Sanders, and Deebo Samuel remains out with a foot injury. That allows the Rams to key Jalen Ramsey on tight end George Kittle, and focus the rest of the defense on stopping the run.

Defenses will play hard in this one.  Ultimately, this one is another field goal decision, but this one is a blocked field goal for the Rams to seal an important win.

Rams 17 49ers 15 (Rams 6-0, 49ers 4-2)

WEEK 7· Mon 10/26· 5:15 pm PT hosting Chicago Bears (8-8)

The LA Rams are starting to get national attention as they host the Chicago Bears. After a solid start to the season, the Rams struggle on offense in this one. The Bears get strong performances from the outside from both Khalil Mack and Robert Quinn. With no options to put the ball on the perimeter, the Rams stumble.

Turnovers hurt the Rams in this one.  Either it’s ill-timed fumbles or pressure on Goff leading to errant throws,  the Rams simply cannot keep drives alive.

Bears 17  Rams 14  (Rams 6-1, Bears 4-3)