LA Rams blockbuster could net 2nd rounder and Eagles NFC East title

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LA Rams NFL Trade
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The LA Rams could a blockbuster NFL trade at the deadline, land a round-two draft pick, and ensure the Philadelphia Eagles win the NFC East

The LA Rams are awash with their own roster challenges as the NFL season nears the midpoint. In seven games, the Rams have clearly begun to demonstrate partiality to some players, and a reluctance to engage others with similar opportunities.  Some players are getting plenty of game snaps, but their roles are such that they are not part of the playbook directly.  Rather, they are tasked with the supporting role of blocking, decoy, or misdirection. And the 2021 NFL Draft looms, with just a handful of picks.

Right now NFC East is completely up for grabs. The Philadelphia Eagles have the lead, but only by the thinnest of margins thanks to a tie against the Cincinnati Bengals. Next up are the Dallas Cowboys, who not surprisingly are a mess in the locker room right now due to their disappointing season.  The Washington Football team is in a bad place because they have hit the reset button at quarterback. And the New York Giants entered 2020 with a full rebuild in mind.

Right now, the Eagles are looking at a likely six-win season.

LA Rams’ surplus is Eagles lifeboat

As the LA Rams team recovers from a very important game, the front office is keeping long hours – trying to build a winner for the team today and into tomorrow. Right now, the LA Rams have just six picks in the 2021 NFL Draft and most definitely could use more.  On the other hand, the LA Rams have a need to win now. That means this team must tweak the roster where they can, adding players who can help win, and divest players where the Rams overstocked.

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Right now, the Rams have stocked the offense with tight ends, running backs, and receivers, all of whom are playing at positions of need for the Philadelphia Eagles. So what’s in it for the Rams? Well, players traded away today can mean draft picks. And in this one, the Rams emerge with a coveted second-round pick and some developmental players.