LA Rams DB Jalen Ramsey proves that he’s worth every penny

Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports /

After the LA Rams extended DB Jalen Ramsey, he is proving that he is worth every penny spent

The LA Rams defense is suddenly one of the best in the NFL. Suddenly? Well, the building blocks were always there. But as one more bit of evidence to use in the perennial debate of whether success is about the player or the coaching scheme, defensive back Jalen Ramsey appears to be better in the Rams defensive scheme assembled by rookie Defensive Coordinator Brandon Staley.

Ultimately, it’s the right combination of player, scheme, coaching, and opportunity that creates the foundation of a successful NFL career. We know that Ramsey had already pulled much of that together. But there is a level of elite that exceed performing at an elite level. This year. a much wiser and content Jalen Ramsey steps onto a football field. That is the player the Rams extended with the most lucrative contract for an NFL defensive back.

Rams right to pay Ramsey

The LA Rams took their time working out the details of their record-setting contract extension for Jalen Ramsey. The team needed to be certain that they were not getting ‘ME’ Jalen Ramsey, but rather ‘US’ Jalen Ramsey. And they did. He is as concerned about his teammates as himself. He strives to a team victory, not just personal success. Elite DB Jalen Ramsey has arrived.

Ramsey is a unique talent in the NFL. He is a member of a team, and yet his responsibilities and role are such that he must play alone, on an island, and neutralize the best receiver on the opposing team.  And yet, through it all, he’s deflecting the spotlight now.

In the end, a player who relishes the spotlight fails to grasp the most important lesson in life. When you stop growing, stop improving, you start dying, start failing. Ramsey continues to improve, and that makes him worth every penny spent.

Game changer

The LA Rams have faced seriously productive offenses this season. They’ve faced the peak of the Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills, Seattle Seahawks, and Miami Dolphins. Through it all, opposing offenses featured a ‘hot’ wide receiver who many proclaimed would give the LA Rams ‘fits’. There was the unstoppable Amari Cooper arrival with the Cowboys. There was Stefon Diggs of the Bills. There was DeVante Parker of the Dolphins, and D.K. Metcalf of the Seahawaks. They combined for
17 completions out of 26 targets for 161 yards and one touchdown.  That is 150 yards and two touchdowns below their combined single game average.

That’s the impact of Jalen Ramsey.  Some teams, like the Buffalo Bills, compensated by targeting the third receiver option in Cole Beasley. Other teams were not as fortunate. In the end, he takes away the best receiver from the opposing team. It forces the offense to win with ten, not eleven, players.  That level of defense is a game-changer.

Next. No team fears this LA Rams offense, which is why it succeeds. dark

Ramsey is not the only reason that the Rams defense is playing at a very high level. But he’s certainly a player worth discussing.  And for the headlines made when he signed his extension, just as many headlines are needed to confirm that he is indeed worth every penny.  He not only shuts down his receiver assignment, but he helps his teammates to play at a higher level as well. This team will benefit from the investment for years to come.