Boom, there it is. LA Rams LT Joseph Noteboom shines in MNF win

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

LA Rams LT Joseph Noteboom shows up large in his first start at left tackle

At the moment that the LA Rams lost veteran left tackle, Andrew Whitworth, for the season due to a knee injury, the team turned to offensive lineman Joseph Noteboom. While there is an entire discussion to be had about the correct way to prepare to start at left tackle in the middle of an NFL game, I’m fairly certain that the way Noteboom prepared would not make anyone’s Top-10 list.

You see, prior to that moment, Noteboom had played exclusively at left guard for the Rams. He started and struggled at the position in 2019, and needed a year to heal after a devastating knee injury. Many were quick to decide after that brief performance that Noteboom was not cut out for the NFL.

Back in the saddle

But he returned, stronger than ever, and fought his way back to a starting role. Still, he injured his calf, and the Rams started David Edwards at left guard while he healed. So well did Edwards play that Noteboom returned to the active roster to a backup role.  Well, until Whitworth was carted off the field. Suddenly Noteboom was starting at left tackle.

Cold turkey.

As many feared the worst, there was a different sense about Noteboom this time around. He was no longer wide-eyed and grateful for the opportunity. Instead, he was all business. A roll-up-his-sleeves-and-get-right-to-it mentality that was comforting to many who were seeing disaster once more.  But Joseph Noteboom had fallen and had gotten back up.  He has earned the right to start at left tackle for the LA Rams. So how did he do?

Boom, there it is

The results of now two occasions protecting quarterback Jared Goff’s blindside has gone remarkably well. The team has Noteboom starting at his natural position of left tackle, and so far the results have exceeded expectations. analyst Brian Baldinger had plenty of praise to heap upon Noteboom in this one. His video analysis (shown here) displays Noteboom in command of the line of scrimmage. In fact, despite over 50 passes thrown, the Rams’ left tackle allowed just one quarterback pressure the entire game.

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Some will claim that the Rams have found their future offensive left tackle. But the reality is that Noteboom is the LA Rams offensive left tackle of the present. Boom, there it is. He is there, and he’s playing incredibly well. The LA Rams did not draft a franchise left tackle because it seems that they were correct. There were no better offensive linemen in the 2020 NFL Draft than there was on the roster.