LA Rams players must rally around All-Pro Aaron Donald

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams All-Pro Aaron Donald tried everything to preserve their SoFi winning streak. But his teammates failed to help.

It’s tough to witness a game where LA Rams All-Pro Aaron Donald literally does everything in his power to will the Rams to victory, only for the team to lose. The Rams had fallen behind in the third quarter by a score of 17-3 and the offense really was not doing very much. Well, the Rams were able to move the ball and did so once more.  The drive stalled and the LA Rams had to settle for a field goal.  That brought the Rams closer, but without a spark, the game was all but over.

Well, Donald provided the spark, tackling 49ers running back Raheem Mostert and forcing a fumble, which was scooped up and returned for a touchdown. He was good for a sack. And he certainly was in the face of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Nick Mullins all game. That made for an unpleasant afternoon for the 49ers’ offense. One touchdown. Three field goals.

Longer afternoon by Rams offense

Of course, the Rams offense faced a stingy defense as well. Only running back Cam Akers found his way to the end zone. Without him, the offense was capable of only 240 yards of total offense. Not a very impressive showing considering that the Rams only injured player at game time was left tackle Andrew Whitworth.

The Rams forced three turnovers in the game. The Rams offense coughed up the ball four times. That’s the type of play that was simply heartbreaking to watch. For every good play made by the Rams defense, the offense allowed the 49ers to do them one better.  And there is the trouble with the LA Rams, a sometimes too mechanical team with too little on-field passion.

QB Jared Goff’s production now at 2019 levels

The Rams have an All-Pro defensive lineman and All-Pro defensive back. But the offense has hiccuped once more, which plunges the passing offense into 2019-like projections once more. That was good enough for a 9-7 finish a year ago. With an improved defense, and a vastly improved running game,  the Rams’ upside is possible to finish the season at 11-5, but more likely 10-6.

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Of course, all signs continue to point the Rams to the playoffs. Unless the Rams completely meltdown in over half of the remaining games, that is.  Of course, with Dr. Jeckyl v. Mr. Hyde routine of these Rams, nothing is out of the question. The Rams face some big games. The road game at Arizona is another critical game for the Rams.  Hopefully, Aaron Donald can play with passion once more. And hopefully, some of his teammates will join him.