What if LA Rams Jared Goff can no longer put up great numbers?

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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LA Rams QB Goff does not appear to have command of the offense. What if he doesn’t have a great game for the rest of the 2020 NFL season?

The LA Rams offense may be more balanced than last year, but the offense is certainly no more dependable. That is a problem, particularly for franchise quarterback Jared Goff. The offense just two years ago dominated the NFL. The Rams ran crisp timing routes, always seemed to know where the open receiver would be before the defense allowed separation, and the running game seemed to have plenty of commitment to allow a running back to put up 100 yards.

Now, the Rams move the ball well enough at times. But this is not an offense forged in a blast furnace, but rather is assembled for each game. Sometimes, all of the pieces are fastened together tightly and the Rams seem to be effective. But at other times, the pieces do not have the feel of being tightly connected. When that happens, the offense falls apart, making critical mistakes, shooting itself in the foot, and handing the game over to the opponent via turnovers and bad field position.

Fell off the cliff

At first, a bad game was few and far between. But the Rams offense has melted down, literally fallen apart, in two of the last four games. Which each bad game, the Rams commit to studying film, cleaning up some things that went poorly, and coming out stronger than ever. But the offense is regressing, again.

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The Rams have allowed 15 sacks in 11 games. And quarterback Jared Goff has scored 16 touchdowns and allowed 10 interceptions this season.  In the first six games this year, Goff threw for 10 touchdowns and three interceptions. In the past five games, he has thrown for six touchdowns and six interceptions. That’s a huge change of production from the quarterback and one that has not been explained, or even mentioned. Goff has good days, yes.  But his streaky nature is enough to reignite the debate over Goff’s ability to win consistently with the Rams.