10 reasons to believe in this LA Rams offense and QB Goff

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VIII- Rams distributing the ball to practically every skill player

The LA Rams offense is not hitched to one skill player. The offense has made excellent use of all weapons on the roster at one point or another. Since the bye week, the Rams have thrown the ball to eight, nine, seven, and nine different receivers respectively. While that may not be great for individual stats, the Rams quickly pile up passing yards with so many fresh sets of legs and outstretched arms on the field.

Blending the talents of multiple players has two significant benefits for the team. First of all, the mix forces defenders to plan for everyone on the Rams roster. With limited time to study film and prepare, doubling the workload saturates defenders. Secondly, the rotation of players in the offensive game planning helps to prevent injury by keeping players fresh

Everybody gets some looks

The Rams offense certainly wobbles at times, but ultimately the team gets back on track. So far this season, the Rams have not lost two consecutive games.  Much of that is on the quarterback Jared Goff. Yes, he has had some less-than-stellar outings this year. But be realistic. Which quarterback not named Patrick Mahomes hasn’t?

While we know that the Rams need to take better care of the football, the team has a resilient streak so far this season that has not been discussed very often. The Rams offense has never been held to fewer than 16 points, which is pretty good considering the team has faced some of the best defenses in the NFL.