10 reasons to believe in this LA Rams offense and QB Goff

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IV –  Brown dangerous in both run and pass plays

There is something to be said about having a level-headed veteran on the field at clutch moments in the game. Veteran RB Malcolm Brown proves his worth in virtually every game with key plays at critical moments. He is the player who picks up the thankless jobs in the game. Beyond that, he’s incredibly effective in those roles.

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He grinds out tough yardage on short-yardage downs. He picks up blitzes up the middle. He even slides out to haul in a pass for a crucial first-down. Of course, throughout the course of a game, Brown may not flash long runs. But he’s there in the trenches. He’s there grinding out tough yards.

Brown’s best work happens off-camera

Malcolm Brown is a tough, gritty, and churning sort of running back who shows up when the Rams need him most. He has five rushing touchdowns, with two coming against the Dallas Cowboys, two against the Seattle Seahawks, and the final score against the Chicago Bears. And scoring is a vital part of his role on this offense.

But the best plays he makes are when he is not hearing his name or number during the game. You see, Brown is one of the best blocking backs in the NFL. He is remarkably adept at picking up defenders racing towards the quarterback. And unfortunately, blocking is simply not an area that is rigidly tracked in the NFL, and most certainly not for running backs.