LA Rams winning streak proves that they are bad to the bone

Mandatory Credit: Michael Chow-Arizona RepublicNfl Cards Game L A Rams At Arizona Cardinals
Mandatory Credit: Michael Chow-Arizona RepublicNfl Cards Game L A Rams At Arizona Cardinals /

The LA Rams find uncanny success when wearing the Rams bone jerseys. That’s earned the reputation that the team is bad to the bone

The LA Rams redesigned their team logo and uniforms this season, and the public outcry on social media is an event that few will forget. This was originally intended to be a season of the Grand Opening of SoFi Stadium and Sports Complex. This was the year of the LA Rams unveiling new colors, new logos, and a new chapter for the NFL franchise that had returned to Los Angeles.

But 2020 happened, and it brought the coronavirus pandemic. That changed everything dramatically, and perhaps permanently. Regulations now require self-quarantining, social distancing, and wearing a face mask.

Leggo my logo

Of course, in the midst of chaos, the LA Rams unveiled their new logo and uniform color scheme. The Rams rolled out new uniforms this season in bone, royal blue, and sol yellow. While this usually doesn’t remain newsworthy this late into an NFL season, the Rams have a bit of success whenever the team dons the bone uniform.

And so, the team is earning a reputation that it is ‘Bad to the Bone’.  Bad to the Bone is a song recorded by George Thorogood and The Destroyers in 1982. The song popularized a colloquialism referring to an ill-mannered individual, someone who creates trouble and problems.

Rams have a bone to pick

The LA Rams will put on their bone jersey two more times. The team released its uniform schedule for the season and is as follows:

The Rams will put on the bone jerseys again to host the New York Jets, and then again as the team travels to Seattle for the rematch against the Seahawks.

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If the bone jersey winning streak holds, the Rams will finish no worse than 10-6 this season.  While that will certainly be strong enough to expect an NFL Playoff berth, the Rams have a taste of the NFC West title now, and it will be tough to settle for less. But there are four games to play, and the Rams are playing meaningful games in December. Not a bad holiday season.