LA Rams QB Jared Goff TNF performance similar to SB 53

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LA Rams Jared Goff
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History repeats itself

But if you believe some other quarterback can do better, why be open to that alternative? Jared Goff has been very successful with a record of 42-18 since head coach Sean McVay arrived. Russell Wilson was 56-25-1 in his first 80 games. Peyton Manning was 52-28 in his first 80 games.  Drew Brees was 30-28 in his first 58 games.  No, Goff is not a turnover machine. Goff is not a ‘system quarterback’.  Goff is merely a young developing quarterback on the cusp of a great season.

How can I be so sure? I’m not. I simply examined the careers of some of the NFL’s best quarterbacks and tracked how their careers transpired. Then I overlayed Goff’s current trend to see what happened. Goff gets a lot of work for a young quarterback. Too few ignore the fact that the Rams have not had a dependable running attack since 2018. And lo and behold, that is when the volume of Goff’s passes, and interceptions, rose.

Watch out

Now that the Rams can run the ball once more, Goff’s turnovers should decline. Next year, his progress will improve that rate even better.  Of course, if you are comfortable giving a thumbs down to the starting quarterback just for the sake of being right at the expense of the Rams, have at it. Time is running out. Very soon, Goff will be so good that even the staunchest decriers will become silent.

I’ve seen some already counting down the time that the Rams are ‘stuck’ with Goff, and when his contract expires. In reality, I expect the Rams to extend Jared Goff once more.  When they do, I expect many who want him gone will be thrilled that he is returning. Goff was more than a scapegoat over these past two seasons. He was counted on to sustain the team’s success until the front office and coaching staff could retool the team on the fly. That process is nearly complete.

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A year ago, I posed the question as to whether Jared Goff was a true franchise quarterback. Imagine my surprise to discover that after he struggled against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 53, the LA Rams ran less and passed more?  The reality is that the Rams rerouted their offense through Goff while they retooled the offense on the fly,

Think back to how you reacted to Jared Goff after the SB loss. Did you react the same way after the TNF win?  If you are honest, you likely did. But he was no more to blame for that loss than he was for that win.  And the victory over the Patriots proved something vital to the future of this team. Now, the team can win games when Goff is not perfect. No NFL quarterback is infallible. The great news is the LA Rams finally no longer need him to be to win.