What if? 5 wild LA Rams roster additions this offseason

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What if?

The Rams seem to be intact once more. The offense seems to be returning to the strong suit of running a feature back to set up surgical precision in the passing game. That type of offense is what this team runs best, and will help the Rams in the playoffs this season.  Not only does it give quarterback Jared Goff a more comfortable role by taking all of the offense’s responsibility off his shoulders, but it places the team’s receivers into their most productive roles as receivers/blockers.

Of course, an offense that uses the ground game more will in turn help the defense and the high number of turnovers allowed by the offense. While the Rams have coughed up the ball too frequently, many of the picks that had occurred do not fall solely upon Goff’s responsibility. Whether a tipped ball or a pass that should have been caught by a receiver, the Rams’ entire offense has contributed to the problem. Getting the team back to pounding the ball ahead helps everyone.

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New faces can be crucial

Of course, the Rams defense will benefit from the move to a ground game too. And that is critical to a successful season in 2021. The Rams defense appeared to be full of holes when the team entered the 2020 NFL Free Agency market.  But with a shrewd hand guiding the team, the roster was restocked with just two veterans, a handful of re-signed Rams, and a very effective NFL Draft crop of rookies.

All the while, the Rams awaited a headliner move by the team’s front office, led by general manager Les Snead. Of course, that never happened. So it creates a unique situation for the 2021 NFL season.  Will the Rams make a completely unexpected irrational move in the upcoming offseason?  There are a number of ‘what the hell were they thinking?’ roster additions that could be incredibly shrewd in the long-run. Let’s examine five such moves and discuss why it may make more sense under the surface.