Should LA Rams draft QB in the 2021 NFL Draft, and when?

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LA Rams 2021 NFL Draft
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2021 NFL Draft

The LA Rams are not exactly bursting at the seams with draft currency. Due to the trade for defensive back Jalen Ramsey, the Rams do not have a top-three quarterback option from the 2021 NFL Draft. But as we’d cited earlier, the Philadelphia Eagles have opened the door for drafting a second-tier quarterback on day two and holding him in reserve to gradually rotate into the offense.

That experiment has created all sorts of ‘what about Wentz’ issues, but the enthusiasm over Hurts is tough to overlook. Hurts unorthodox style to what has been a rather contemporary and predictable offense has enabled the Eagle to surprise opponents who simply haven’t seen enough of Hurts to defend him. After defenses see Hurts multiple times, will he be as effective? Perhaps not. Right now, the damn on veteran quarterbacks has broken on Carson Wentz, and perhaps Jets quarterback Sam Darnold. How long before the dam breaks on Rams quarterback Jared Goff, if ever?

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So which picks will the Rams have to use in the 2021 NFL Draft? The Rams likely will have a second round, two third-rounds, one fourth-round, one sixth-round, and one seventh-round draft pick. That will not make a package capable of trading up for one of the top quarterbacks in the draft this year, it does offer some intriguing options for the team if a coveted prospect should fall to them.

The Rams have not addressed the quarterback position meaningfully since drafting quarterback Jared Goff first overall in the 2016 NFL Draft. While Goff has certainly been successful, his development certainly has slowed significantly since appearing in Super Bowl 53.

Is that from bad play around him, bad offensive line, bad coaching, or has he merely hit his ceiling and will not improve further? If it is the latter, the Rams should be ready to pull the trigger on a future quarterback to have ready in the 2021 NFL Draft.