3 reasons why LA Rams bounce back against Seahawks

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LA Rams Game day
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Reason 3

Everyone who follows the LA Rams knows that the team is coming off an embarrassing loss. Whether naive or just time-tested, I cannot see the Rams coming out flatfooted in this one. On the contrary, I think that the Rams will be extremely focused for this one. Focus is more than just a player paying the strictest attention to doing their job.

The Rams focus for this game must run from top to bottom throughout the team. The Rams need the coaching staff to pay sharp attention to what is happening on the field, and be vigilant to changing their game plans based on the game conditions and the opponent’s strategies. It also means that the Rams cannot surrender to the strictest sense of their role, but rather help out a teammate whenever possible.

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Offensive line owes someone some payback

The LA Rams offensive line had been a bright spot to the season for the most part. But the latest loss reminded everyone that a nightmare awaits the team around every corner. The Jets defensive front manhandled the Rams for the entire first half, and the Rams did not adjust by going with two tight ends.  Rather, the team made critical mistakes resulting in penalty flags, negating the heroics of an injured RB Cam Akers.

The Rams cannot allow that to happen for a second week in a row. Even if the Rams go with a 12 personnel package and take some shots downfield, the team cannot allow Jamal Adams to dictate the Rams play calls. Adams wants to blitz, and has been effective at doing so. To counter, the Rams need two tight ends and to ensure Malcolm Brown is in to pick up blitzing defensive backs on critical plays.