LA Rams 2021 NFL Draft : Mock Draft 1.1

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LA Rams 2021 NFL Draft Mock draft
LA Rams 2021 NFL Draft Mock draft /

Ben Mason, tight end/fullback Michigan

For the final pick of the 2021 draft, I have the Rams selecting University of Michigan’s tight end/fullback Ben Mason. Similar to my mock draft last year, I firmly believe the Rams need to acquire a true fullback. It was a mistake not to grab one last year, and the Rams have been forced to use multiple tight ends in the role this season.

Adding a fullback would add more diversity to the offense, turning it from a precision pass and zone blocking scheme to a ground and pound man blocking scheme which helps in short-yardage and grinding-out-the-clock situations. The change in the scheme also means the defense will need to adjust to the new play style. Its a more effective than what the Rams are currently doing, which is putting a tight end in that position.

This past season Mason wasn’t used a lot by Michigan. Their new offensive coordinator Josh Gattis changed their scheme to a more modern-style college offense. This made a traditional fullback obsolete. Before the change, Mason was a staple in Michigan’s ground and pound style offense. He was the definition of a true fullback. He did the dirty work blocking defenders and cleaned up clogged running lanes.

Because of his pure fullback nature don’t expect him to be a great receiver out of the backfield. While the Rams have had Gerald Everett sneaking out of the backfield for big chunk plays, it’s not in Mason’s forte. That doesn’t mean he won’t just have one use in the offense.

Mason can run the ball. He has received handoffs from both the fullback and single back positions. In 2018 vs Nebraska, Mason had three rushing touchdowns, lining up in both the fullback and the lone-back spots. Adding a player like Mason allows the Rams to move off of Malcolm Brown to save some cap. A rookie contract for seventh-round is hardly noticeable.

What’s best about Mason’s skillset is that it allows the Rams offense to be more of a chameleon. It can change as it sees fit, whether that is on a possession or game basis. If the Rams play a weak run defense Mason can be that element that allows them to bully the other team.

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Winning by less than a touchdown with four minutes to go and the Rams need to chew the clock out? Put Mason in to keep the clock running and the running back untouched.