Surgery was the only right choice for LA Rams QB Jared Goff

Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /

LA Rams Injury Update: QB Jared Goff had surgery on Monday, December 28 to repair a broken/dislocated thumb. It was the only correct choice

The LA Rams and QB Jared Goff are in consultation with medical experts over the various ways that  Goff can repair his broken/dislocated thumb on his throwing hand.  But that’s the part that I get stuck on.   A quarterback with a broken/dislocated thumb is actually getting an audience with the powers that be over the opportunity to start in the final game.

Seriously?  The 2020 NFL season has taken a turn into insanity with this latest development.

Yes, Goff wants to put off surgery. In fact, that delay may not be for a week. It could be for a great deal of time now.

Goff is the long-term quarterback

If the Rams suddenly do an about-face and win a game or two, the Rams will continue to advance. But Goff’s broken/dislocated thumb will be stressed. With each week, he is not just playing one football game.  He is practicing countless hours of gripping and throwing from a hand with a broken thumb.

Contractually, Goff is the Rams’ starting quarterback until 2024. While there is always a way to extricate the team from that contract, they likely won’t. After all, what other options does this team have right now?

Forget worst-case scenarios, best case scenario is bleak

If Goff somehow starts to play against the Arizona Cardinals, the Rams may lose the game. If that happens, the uproar from the fans will be livid and understandable. After all, the team assured everyone that they had full confidence in Wolford’s ability to lead this team. Until the time came when he was needed to lead this team. Then the coaches decided that a struggling starter with a dislocated and broking thumb in his throwing hand gives the team a better chance of winning.

Yes. Read that again and tell me how any of that makes sense. Thankfully, that scenario won’t happen


Ian Rapoport has just reported that Goff had surgery on his throwing hand thumb. That is the right choice for Goff, and for the Rams.

The theory is that the Rams could be traveling to play their first playoff game (if they get there) in 13 days. And right now, Jared Goff is targeting to be ready to play in 13 days. But folks, it’s his throwing hand. Unless John Wolford looks like a deer in the headlights against the Arizona Cardinals, He will likely start in the Rams playoff game as well.

I don’t dislike Goff. I think he is struggling right now and he needs time to heal, both physically and mentally. I do like Wolford as a backup. But he has never taken an NFL regular-season snap and is suddenly forced to lead the Rams into the playoffs?

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This is not a great scenario. But as soon as Goff’s thumb shattered, it was the only one that made any sense. Now, let’s dig into what John Wolford will bring to the Rams offense.